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The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data has been developed by the partnership between Global Integrity, Open Data Charter, ILDA (Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Datos Abiertos), AODN (African Open Data Network), LDRI (Local Development Research Institute) and OD4D (Open Data for Development Network), as part of the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) program on Advancing OGP’s Thematic Priorities.

The aim of the tool is to help open government reformers to advance OGP commitments to fight corruption using data. Corruption is a complex problem, for which there aren’t magical solutions. Dozens of factors are critical in each case and understanding the local context and dynamics is fundamental for designing strategies that are effective when put in practice. The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data provides tools and resources to support users to identify and overcome the political, technical and logistical challenges usually faced in the co-creation and implementation of OD4AC commitments. It includes cases and examples from around the world to serve as sources of inspiration in the process of building new solutions that respond to users’ own needs. It also presents lessons learned by others in similar situations to help them identify opportunities to advance their goal, as well as red flags on potential challenges and risks to be considered.

The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data is aimed at a diverse audience, including members of government and civil society with different backgrounds and levels of expertise on anticorruption or open data. Both experts and beginners will find useful material and orientation to shape their ideas towards stronger OGP commitments. Like in "choose your own adventure" gamebooks, users can decide their own path, to receive information that adapts to their own needs, knowledge and preferences.

This tool is complemented by the The Anticorruption Commitment Creator, a guide for drafting a commitment on open data for anti-corruption following OGP’s template and standards, elaborated by the same consortium of organizations.   

4.0 CC licence

Year of production: 2021.

Acknowledgments: This document’s main author is Renzo Lavin, with contributions from Ania Calderon, Natalia Carfi, Agustina De Luca, Carlos Díaz, Jorge Florez, Leonida Mutuku, Fabrizio Scrollini and Ana Sofía Ruiz.   

Roadmap to fight corruption with open data

The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data is an interactive tool to support open government reformers who want to advance anticorruption OGP commitments using data in their country.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) has created new opportunities to advance anticorruption reforms through constructive dialogue between civil society and governments. However, only a small number of open data for anticorruption commitments (OD4AC) have been considered to have potentially transformative impact on citizens, many of them had low specificity or failed to be completely implemented.

The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data takes users through a journey that will prepare them to build commitments that are problem-focused, evidence-based and well articulated.  Each section is designed to help users find the answers to the following questions: 
  • What is my anticorruption policy goal?
  • How will open data help me advance my goal?
  • How can I use the OGP platform to achieve my goal?
The estimated duration of the exercise is 20 minutes without considering the additional time that users might devote to exploring external resources that are presented along the way. It can be completed all in one go or in different sittings. By entering an email address at the beginning, all the answers are saved and the session can be resumed later. At the end of the three sections, users will be able to see and download a summary of the journey, for future reference.

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